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Do we really get a lot of sunshine in Costa Rica?

Is there a lot of sunshine in Costa Rica? When they read that Costa Rica has the best climate in the world, some think it’s all advertising techniques. Is it for real? Is the climate in Costa Rica really so good? Or doesn’t have the number of sunshine hours so much to do with the…

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Costa Rica is a tropical country – some weather observations

Did you know that Costa Rica is a tropical country? And that there a few things you should know about living in a tropical country before you move? You may have already guessed, I’m from the West Coast. A second-generation native Californian, in fact. Both sides of my family lived In California for about a…

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Costa Rica weather and temperatures – Our main attractions

I’m pretty sure you already know that the Costa Rica weather is one of the most attractive advantages that the country has to offer. I just received some very cold looking photos of snow-covered roads, rooftops, and cars from a friend. And I am sitting here at my desk, looking over my computer monitor. I…

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