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The Cost of being a Homeowner in Costa Rica

Now, let’s talk about being a homeowner first. When comparing with homeownership in North America, it is, perhaps, the largest single savings experienced. The cost of being a homeowner by comparison to the States is much cheaper in Costa Rica. It depends on what you buy and where you buy. Remember, the real estate saying,…

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Orthopedic problem in knees and feet | get it fixed in Costa Rica

Do you also have an orthopedic problem? I have been struggling with bad pain in my feet for years and no doctor could find what the problem was. Thank God for the internet (not of Facebook this time), that made it possible for me to find out that I have a neurological problem. Well, it’s…

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Costa Rica insurance agent wins most honest agent award

Estimated Reading Time: Looking for a Costa Rica insurance agent? Nothing is better for business than good service to your clients. In my business, Costa Rica real estate, I have always tried to excel in service as in my opinion it means the continuity of your business and it is a lot easier to keep…

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