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5 Ways to Ensure a Fair Sales Price for Your Property

Estimated Reading Time: 5 Minutes One of the foremost concerns when selling your property is getting a fair sales price. It’s likely that you’ve lived in that house for years and invested quite a lot in making it a beautiful and comfortable place. In short, that property has both monetary and sentimental value; it’s only…

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The Psychology of Pricing a Property for Sale

Do I think there a science or psychology to pricing a property intelligently when you’re motivated to sell? Yes, I definitely do! In general, property in Costa Rica takes way too long in selling. Why is that? There are many reasons for a property not to sell for years. In this article, I will cover…

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Is my crystal ball too fuzzy to predict a sales price?

Sellers sometimes think I own a crystal ball. When listing a home for sale, sellers always ask me to predict a sales price. When I give them a number, they don’t like it. Why do you think I get that reaction? If I’d own a crystal ball, I would be filthy rich and we would…

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