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Think hard before your rent on VRBO in Costa Rica

Looking to rent on VRBO? Are you sure? Really? Then read this: Late on a Saturday afternoon, my office phone is ringing while I’m on my cell phone with a lawyer discussing some details on a real estate closing. I’m alone in the office and the office phone is ringing off the hook. I first…

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Beware of Costa Rican real estate developer marketing tricks

Estimated Reading Time: 8 Minutes Most Costa Rican real estate developers sell pre-construction dreams by using marketing tricks! Do yourself a favor and dream with your eyes open. In the past, I have written quite a few articles about buying a property in residential developments. Check out 9 steps to stop a developer from deceiving…

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Absolutely trying hard to adjust in Costa Rica

Trying to adjust in Costa Rica is very hard work, did you know that? In November 2009, I was introduced by an old client, to a very unusual couple. I mean unusual because they were much younger than most of my clients.  This couple is barely in their 30’s. Husband Ethan, the 7-month, his pregnant…

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