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4 Things to Know Before Buying a New House

Estimated Reading Time: 5 Minutes Are you buying a new house? From a real estate developer? Buying or selling a new house in Costa Rica is no easy task for a common man. It’s an everyday routine for a real estate agent, but it takes the savings of a lifetime for a buyer. One little…

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Smart Guide for buying property stress-free in Costa Rica

Estimated Reading Time: 8 Minutes Buying property stress-free is like being a mom raising your first kid. It’s almost impossible to keep it stress-free unless you know what you’re doing. Just like parenthood, becoming a homeowner is wonderful, but challenging at first. But most of all, it’s exciting. If you know what you’re doing. It’s…

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How to stop home buyers in their tracks during a showing

Did you know there are several ways to stop home buyers in their tracks during a showing? When selling a home, the first impression for home buyers is of utmost importance. Whether the initial impression is good or bad, it forms the home buyers’ opinion about the property. It is very well possible the first…

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