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Strange habits – Stories by a Former Expat in Costa Rica

Estimated Reading Time: 5 Minutes In Costa Rica, people have sometimes strange habits. They do a lot of things differently.  When people ask me about Costa Rica, I talk all day, especially about strange habits. I just thought about a few more interesting things about living there and the house. We always thought the home…

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US Tax Return Due Dates for Americans Living Abroad

Most U.S. citizens and green card holders rushed to file a US tax return by April 15. However, Americans living abroad on the regular due date of their tax return can take advantage of several extensions. We updated this blog on 3/27/2020 First and foremost, American expatriates get an automatic two-month extension until June 15…

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Learn basic Spanish before you move to Costa Rica

This picture got your attention, didn’t it? Well, that’s what I needed because when I start telling people that you should learn basic Spanish before moving to Costa Rica, most don’t pay attention. Imagine, you get stopped in your home town by a Latin, asking in Spanish where the grocery store is located. What would…

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