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5 Cities in Costa Rica with the best temperatures

Moving to paradise is not easy. It’s even more difficult to figure it all out if you are looking for best temperatures and less rain. But, what are the best temperatures for you? Eskimos probably think that the best temperatures are under zero. On the other hand, residents of Atenas, Costa Rica believe their town…

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Costa Rica weather and temperatures – Our main attractions

I’m pretty sure you already know that the Costa Rica weather is one of the most attractive advantages that the country has to offer. I just received some very cold looking photos of snow-covered roads, rooftops, and cars from a friend. And I am sitting here at my desk, looking over my computer monitor. I…

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Who says it does not get cold in Costa Rica?

Of course it gets cold in Costa Rica. It just depends on what you call cold. I call 14°C 0r 57°F pretty cold. Many of us who have moved to Costa Rica come from cold places. Most of us relocated because of the nice weather in Costa Rica, amongst the best in the world. I…

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