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Clever Ways To Decorate Your Home With An Aquarium

I know, you usually wouldn’t think of decorating your home in Costa Rica with an aquarium. That’s probably because Costa Rica’s natural beauty is a major draw for people moving here. And we have 763 miles of coastline, so we’re surrounded by an aquarium! When decorating your own property in Costa Rica, incorporating tropical fish…

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Using Ceramic Tiling in Costa Rican Home Designs Creatively

A very affordable way of updating your older home in Costa Rica is using ceramic tiling. Selling a 40-year-old home in Costa Rica is not as easy as some think it is.  The younger generations want to live in a condo. Either way, you are likely to consider renovations to enhance style and functionality, depending…

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Awesome Costa Rican hand painted area rugs by Laurel

Most area rugs in Costa Rica have a problem with the humidity. Stop worrying about the area rugs in your house. You can now stop putting those beautiful area rugs away when you have guests coming in with wet feet. Traditional fabric rugs with fiber don’t hold up well in the tropical weather. And imagine…

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