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11 Reasons to live on a Costa Rican golf course

I’m not a golf player myself, but would I live on a Costa Rican golf course? From a real estate investor’s point of view, yes, I would. I’m also quite sure my wife would love a Costa Rican golf course as her landscaped backyard. Studies show that only 30% of the residents of a golf…

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Property near the Cariari Golf and Country Club offers an exciting lifestyle

The Cariari Golf and Country Club is the country’s premier and located in the most beautifully designed master-planned community in the Central Valley. This beautiful country club features the perfect location right between the cities of San José, Heredia, and Alajuela. Ciudad Cariari, a lifestyle community, is commonly called just Cariari. The community is wonderful…

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Cariari real estate and the busy bee

Estimated Reading Time: 4 Minutes We have a busy bee in Cariari! Being a real estate agent in Cariari is never an easy job, but it’s fun most of the time. There are twists and turns in every deal. Patience and nerves are always on edge. It means putting up with a lot of things…

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